“Time flies very, very quickly” aboard the ISS | Latest News Headlines

“Time flies very, very quickly” aboard the ISS
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French astronaut Thomas Pesquet gave a press conference on Friday after a six-month mission aboard the International Space Station (ISS). He returned in particular to his daily schedule and the “scientific” richness of his experience, and spoke of the future objectives of the European Space Agency.

“What I retain from it is more than 200 experiments over a period of six months. It is an extremely scientifically rich mission with a lot of results”, declared Thomas Pesquet during his press conference given on Friday November 12th. , after more than six months in space.

Astronaut Thomas Pesquet returned in good shape Tuesday, November 9 from his second space mission, which ended with a successful landing off the coast of Florida and a direct return to Europe, where he began a long period of rehabilitation at earth’s gravity.

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“Time flies very, very quickly” aboard the ISS
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