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Tourism is one of the pillars of the Spanish economy

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TOURISM is one of the pillars of the Spanish economy and industry. The Exceltur association believes it will rebound over the next two years.

This non-profit association has 33 of the most important Spanish companies involved in all aspects of travel as well as accommodation, travel agencies and tour operators that operate among themselves in 40 countries and achieve a turnover of more of 30 billion euros.

In their year-end report which includes a review of the potential market for 2022, they are very optimistic about a recovery, subject of course to the recent surge in Covid infections as well as current travel restrictions.

Despite all this, they predict that from April of this year there should be a boom in travel to the coast and to rural areas, fueled in part by many Spaniards taking vacations in different parts of Spain. rather than traveling abroad.

Major tourist cities such as Barcelona and Madrid are less likely to host hordes of foreign visitors this year, although restrictions inevitably loosen, so there should be an influx of tourists in 2023.

In terms of cash flow, the Exceltur report expects 2022 revenue for the hospitality industry to be around 88% of what was achieved before the outbreak of the pandemic and by 2023 the numbers are expected to exceed those of 2019.

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