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Trump Releases Statement After Supreme Court Appointees Block Joe Biden’s OSHA Vax Term

President Trump issued a statement Thursday after the Supreme Court blocked Joe Biden’s OSHA vaccination mandate.

The country’s highest court, in a 6-3 ruling on Thursday, blocked Biden’s vaccination mandate at private companies with more than 100 employees.

The three SCOTUS appointees by President Trump, Gorsuch, Kavanagh and Barrett, joined the other conservatives in court and voted to repeal OSHA’s mandate.

“The Supreme Court has ruled, confirming what we all knew: Biden’s disastrous terms are unconstitutional. Biden promised to shut down the virus, not the economy, but failed miserably in both, and the mandates would have further destroyed the economy, “Trump said in a statement.

TRENDS: LAST MINUTE: Supreme Court Blocks Biden’s OSHA Vax Mandate for Private Businesses in a 6-3 Vote


In a separate ruling, issued simultaneously, the nation’s highest court, on a 5-4 vote, allowed a similar vaccination mandate to be upheld for healthcare facilities receiving Medicaid and Medicare.

Conservative Justices Samuel Alito, Neil Gorsuch, Amy Coney Barrett and Clarence Thomas disagreed.

Unfortunately, Kavanaugh (Trump appointee) and Roberts sided with the lefties on the court.

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