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University of Almeria students feel the draft as they take exams in unheated rooms

UNIVERSITY OF ALMERIA: Open windows and no central heating in compliance with anti-Covid measures Photo credit: Olea

ALMERIA UNIVERSITY students tremble as they take their January exams.

The Estudiantes en Movimento group complained via social media that anti-Covid health and safety measures forced them to sit in rooms with open windows and no central heating.

They intended to file a complaint with university authorities, the group of students said: “We cannot consent to having to conclude as if we were outside every time we attend a class,” said a doorman. speech.

Academic sources quoted in Spanish media said they had not yet received an official complaint but admitted windows had been left open to comply with Covid regulations.

The Student Council has also not received a complaint from Estudiantes en Movimieno, said its president José Ramon Garcia. Although not personally affected, he told Almeria media, he admitted it was possible that some students suffered from the cold during their exams.

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