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Unraveling Alexa Nikolas’ Bullying Allegations Against Jamie Lynn Spears

“It’s so weird that all of a sudden Alexa is rehashing the issues of their teenage years when they’re now in their 30s,” the source said. “It looks like she’s now using this delicate family situation to insert herself to her advantage. It’s disappointing to see.”

As for Alexa, she claims on Instagram that she is not friends with the Nickelodeon star. In fact, she stopped following the star on social media because she “felt that the whole Britney Spears the family situation was deeply saddening.”

“I wish I could go back in time and tell my 12 year old daughter that you are extremely lucky not to have a friend like her,” she wrote. “You’re much better off without her. You don’t need toxic people like that in your life and you deserve better. And that’s the truth about that. I don’t mind saying all the things I should say for free.”

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