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US special envoy for food security: ‘Ukraine’s grain is getting to the world’s hungry’

In an interview with FRANCE 24, Dr. Cary Fowler, the US Special Envoy for Global Food Security, discussed the issue of global hunger, particularly in Africa. Dr. Fowler hailed the arrival in Djibouti of a UN-chartered ship loaded with 23,000 tons of Ukrainian wheat, destined for millions at risk of starvation in Ethiopia and Somalia. “Ukraine’s grain is getting out and it’s getting to the world’s hungry,” he said, stressing that the docking of the bulk carrier MV Brave Commander “gives us some hope” and is “a step in the right direction”.

However, the US special envoy warned that the current global food crisis was caused by “multiple causal factors”, from climate change to Covid-19 to conflict. “This is going to be a crisis that unfolds over several years. It can’t easily be solved in one year.”

“We have to really understand farming issues, particularly in Africa, and be prepared to address the totality of issues that are involved. It’s going to take a comprehensive approach and it’s going to have to take our working on multiple fronts,” Dr. Fowler added.

The UN estimates that at least 345 million people around the world are a just step away from famine and the crisis is getting worse. Africa remains the continent with the most people struggling to eat.