Victory, warmth and lesson for the future for Baskonia | sports | Sport Top stories

Victory, warmth and lesson for the future for Baskonia | sports
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Baskonia enjoyed and suffered, although in the end they won the Mercedes Benz Arena. He completed an exquisite first half, with hardly any errors and full of successes, but it was diluted in the second, when Alba Berlin took his pride out of the dressing room and approached the light until he ended up losing by only four points, after having a disadvantage of 27 in the first moments of the third quarter. A lesson for the people of Vitoria: in the Euroleague, mistakes can be expensive.

Baskonia found a Berlin flag downhill, almost from the first second of the game. Ivanovic’s team dedicated themselves to defending, running and shooting with confidence. The first victory in the Euroleague against Panathinaikos, two days before, was the trigger to see the team that was expected in the continental tournament.

After Sikma started inspired by the Berlin side, the team led by the Cantabrian Israel González was diluted with the passing of the minutes. Well directed by Granger, the Vitorian group held the key to the game throughout the first half. A Fontecchio triple led the way; then Marinkovic was uncovered, and the others gradually appeared to pave the way step by step. Al Baskonia’s outside shot worked, they defended fiercely and established their hierarchy. In the first quarter he sustained his best game, against a rival with many losses by six points of difference; In the second, the Alba Berlin crashed down and the distance went at 23.

The second part seemed to start the same, but no. Granger and Giedraitis widened the difference to 27 points, and perhaps the Vitorians thought that everything was done, but then Alba Berlin appeared with renewed vigor. It was another team. Da Silva, who had completed a poor first half, began to function and was complemented by the solid performance of Sikma, the most intoned of his team, and the general improvement of the group.

Little by little, the German team got closer on the scoreboard, and Baskonia began to lack the resources that they had left over in the initial twenty minutes. By surprise, in the final moments, the Berliners believed that they could reach the shore. At 2.30 for the conclusion, Baskonia won by ten points, but the margin narrowed more. There was a minute to go when Fontecchio missed his shot and Da Silva put Alba only four points behind the Vitorians who, at least, kept their cool in the final seconds. The free throws that Giedraitis scored in the absence of five seconds put unattainable figures (74-80) for Israel González’s team, who scored the last points on the horn to relieve Baskonia, who took a victory from Berlin, a heat and a lesson for the future.

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