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Volleyball League: And yet it begins!
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The news is that for the first time in many years (we honestly do not remember when) the volleyball league starts normally.

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A soul of course noticed that for this to happen, the year should not have started with the awesome and terrible league cup, however the essence is that the deliveries were broken and the first service will be done normally.

If we add to the above that most teams have added new and even very interesting touches to their rosters, the truth is that there is a greater relative interest (although a walk in all the media today does not justify such an assessment).

However, the good’s stop somewhere here as the ESAP once again chose to safeguard its petty interests by making a league with only 8 teams and to maintain an unimaginably bad system which has no playoffs, but a second mini championship with transfer points ( with a difference factor).

Obviously, the people were satisfied with last year, where the champion was judged with the first match of the 2nd phase and decided to continue it.

The two known speeds
In this championship of 8 teams we have the well-known four of the last years who will fight for the title and the other four to avoid the 8th place that leads to a draw with the third of the Pre League.

In the battle for the top, the champion Olympiakos starts with the title of the favorite, having as basic reinforcements Pagenik, Peric and the return of the now cooked Kasambalis.

However, the triple of the other suitors is equally strengthened and this gives another hue to the title fight. Panathinaikos with the additions of Van Den Dries, Protopsaltis Stalekar’s bet (the tall Slovene is not a key player in the national team and has only left his country once) and the return of Raptis to his natural position, is theoretically very strengthened.

Something similar applies to Finikas who kept who from foreigners kept only Stern, brought back to Greece Juric as central and Frango and three rookies (but experienced) foreigners such as Michalovic (Slovak diagonal), Jerethuelo (Cuban) , Costa (Brazilian central). I also bet on the Italian coach Fulvio Bertini, who after four years in Nantes, France (without much success) came to Syros to play in the championship and has the fullest roster of all four contenders.

As far as PAOK is concerned, the return of Kalmazidis was the first move to admit the many mistakes that were made in previous years with “Kalma” proceeding to a big facelift with 4 young foreigners (only Brown with experience from Greece), however this year Koumentakis does not show that he can have a leading (leading role) in a championship team, then the project will have a problem.

In the second group, Milonas is theoretically in a better condition than everyone, although Kifissia has the… know-how to exceed expectations, while OFI and Filippos will fight to avoid the barrage of stay. The Cretans, however (despite the obstacles with injuries) are in a better position with Filippos seeming to have stayed in his good course last year and to be significantly weakened.

The program of the 1st match in detail
Friday 15 October 2021
Ermoupoli, 19.15 ERT-3: A.O. Finikas Syros ONEX – PAOK
Referees: Mylonakis, Voudouris, Observer: Barbounis, Syrigos, Secretariat: Pirpinia.

Saturday 16 October 2021
Heraklion, 17:00 (L.Str.): OFI – Olympiakos S.F.P.
Referees: Angelidis, Karapoulakis, Observer: Kokotsakis, Supervisors: Koundouraki, Kandilierakis, Secretariat: Avramopoulou.

Veria, 19:00 (L.Str.): Α.Π.Σ. Filippos of Veria – Α.Ο.Ν.Σ. Miles
Referees: Papadogoulas, Daniilidou, Observer: Antonoulis, Supervisors: Hanos, Venos, Secretariat: Psarra.

Sunday, October 17, 2021
Agios Thomas Maroussi, 16:30 (L.Str.): Panathinaikos A.O. – Α.Ο.Π. Κηφισιάς
Referees: Gerothodoros, Prentzas, Observer: Tailor, Supervisors: Varatasis, Katerli, Secretariat: Emmanoilidi.

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