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Volleyball league, Filippos-Olympiakos 0-3: The … one-hour advertisement

Olympiakos took an hour to dismantle Filippos Veroias, which only a team in the big category did not remember.

The team of Imathia that had left so many promises last year, having lost most of its basic seven, made history with the incredible 0-13 with which it found itself losing in the first set and just managed to have a little fun… We just remember the what ESAP circles said in the summer (and the previous summers) about the teams that asked for a wild card and answered for the… level of the volley league teams and we laugh.

However, news also came out of Olympiakos as Giuliani left Egleskalns out of the mission and as everything shows, Olympiakos is looking for a diagonal.

The opinion of the bench
Takis Christoforidis:
“Others play with machine guns and we with bows. Things have to be done to be complete as a team. The president does what he can. He makes efforts. Sometimes the fish does not stink from the head but from the tail. Congratulations to the children. Only one did not play properly. But I justify him and I told him that I also play and I am in pain with what the team is going through. I have confidence in the athletes and in myself. This will not be the team that will play against OFI. We work hard. I want to apologize to the people of Veria. We did everything we could. We did not even have a passer. Prousalis left and went to Olympiakos, Bourakis to PAOK and Roumeliotakis to Switzerland. Well done to the children but we must also look ahead. And an extra. As I hurt Skydra, so I hurt Veria and in these matches with these opponents, the stadium had to be full “.

Alberto Giuliani: “Certainly, I have a very good impression of the team so far. Of course, in today’s match I did not see much, I saw more in the training sessions we had. Athletes try hard, I want to change a lot of things and we try at the moment through training. I want the players to adapt to my own idea and how I will spend what I want on the pitch. Olympiakos is a very well-known club, I want us to win the titles, I want us to improve “.

1st set: 0-13, 4-16, 7-21, 08-25
2nd set: 5-8, 10-16, 15-21, 18-25
3rd set: 5-8, 7-16, 13-21, 15-25

The sets: 0-3 (08-25, 18-25, 15-25) at 60΄.
* The points of APS Filippos Veria came from: 3 aces, 17 attacks, 3 blocks, 18 mistakes of opponents and from Olympiakos came: 0 aces, 37 attacks, 15 blocks, 23 mistakes of opponents.

Α.Π.Σ. FILIPPOS VERIAS (Dimitris Christoforidis): Giagos 2 (2 / 4m.), Giaramba 2 (2 blocks, 0 / 6m.), Varvesiotis 6 (5 / 14m., 12% min., 6% no.), Sonari 11 (9 / 25m., 75 % min., 50% no.), Stundzinski 1 (1 / 25m., 50% min., 41% no.), Koupatsiaris 1 (1 block) / Michelakis (l.- 61% min., 33% no. ), Sioutis.

OLYMPIAKOS S.F.P. (Alberto Giuliani): Prousalis 1p. (1 / 1m.), Payenk 3 (1 / 3m., 2 blocks), Mikhailovich 4 (3 / 7m., 1 block, 60% min., 40% no.), Andreadis 1 (1/2m.), Zoupani 10 (6 / 9m., 4 blocks), Perits 19 (15 / 26m., 4 blocks, 33% min., 17% no.) / Zisis (l. – 89% min., 78% no.), Charalambidis 2 (1 / 2ept., 1 block), Stivachtis, Papadopoulos 8 (7/16ept., 4 blocks), Tziavras (l), Dalakouras 4 (2/5ept., 2 blocks, 50% yp, 50% no. .).

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