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Volleyball league, PAOK-Kifissia 3-0: Victory with experiments

PAOK defeated Kifissia with relative comfort in the match that opened the curtain of the 9th game of the volleyball league.

For the guests this was the first match after a month (since ESAP had planned Christmas Super Cup and New Years Eve League Cup and of course the coronavirus also emerged) while Giannis Orfanos did not have at his disposal the German cross Marks with Paleologos to play basic for the first time.

In PAOK, Kalmazidis left out (in view of the trip to the Azores Kuklinski, Brown) and generally did experiments (in the first two sets played Sotiriou, Gatsis, in the third Tzioumakas, Takouridis) and essentially all the money was the first set.

There, Dikefalos was always in front of the score, reaching 23-20, which became 23-23 (as with Bastardo) with the difference that today Udris finished the crucial ball (24-23) and in the next phase Koumentakis caught a block Costopoulos.

In the other two sets, PAOK prevailed much more easily, dominating the net (9-1 blocks).

The opinion of the bench
Giannis Kalmazidis:
“I do not think we had much difficulty in the game. The result in the 1st set may be 25-23 but we did not feel the pressure. We were better in all areas of the game from Kifissia and our victory is completely normal “.

Giannis Orfanos: “We played a difficult game against PAOK having the significant absence of our main cross. It was difficult for us to make up for this loss. In the first set we were very competitive and it was judged in detail. In all sets we started badly and fell behind in the score, something that did not allow us to claim anything more. PAOK’s block was strong, while with its tactics it led us to some mistakes “.

1st set: 8-6, 15-16, 21-19, 25-23
2nd set: 8-4, 16-12, 21-15, 25-20
3rd set: 8-5, 16-12, 21-14, 25-18

The sets: 3-0 (25-23, 25-20, 25-18) at 82΄.
* The points of PAOK came from: 2 aces, 8 blocks, 39 attacks, 26 mistakes of opponents and of AOP Kifissia came: 0 aces, 1 block, 36 attacks, 24 mistakes of opponents.

Π.Α.Ο.Κ. (Yiannis Kalmazidis): Petreas 5p. (5/10m.), Walsh 2 (1/2m., 1 block), Koumentakis 6 (5 / 12m., 1 block, 83% min., 67% no.), Sotiriou 5 (3 / 8m., 2 block, 72% min., 36% no.), Gatsis 8 (5 / 9m., 2 blocks, 1 ace), Undris 17 (16 / 26m., 1 block) / Kokkinakis (l. – 83% min., 67% no.), Bourakis (l), Boutos 1 (1 / 3m.), Takouridis 1 (1 / 1m.), Tzioumakas 4 (2 / 7m., 1 block, 1 ace, 57% min., 43% No.).

Α.Ο.Π.ΚΗΦΙΣΙΑΣ (Giannis Orfanos): De Veier, Rodrigo Ambrao 10p. (10 / 28m., 64% min., 36% no.), Kotsakis 14 (14 / 23m., 44% min., 25% no.), Linardos 3 (3 / 9m.), Michali 3 (2 / 5m., 1 block), Paleologos 5 (5 / 14m.) / Kontostathis (56% min., 39% no.), Papadopoulos, Kasambalis, Spiliotis, Costopoulos 2 (2 / 8m.), Melles.

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