Watch out for the ‘Wolf Moon’ which will be in the night sky in January | Local News

Watch out for the ‘Wolf Moon’ which will be in the night sky in January

Watch out for the “wolf moon” in January. image: pixabay

This month sees the first full moon of 2022, known as the ‘wolf moon’

Next Tuesday the 18th, astronomers and lovers of all things celestial will be able to observe the first full moon of 2022, commonly known as the “wolf moon”. Our earth satellite will enter the full moon phase at 0:48. At that time, he will be in the constellation of Cancer, about 400,000 km away.

The moon will then be very close to its apogee, which is its maximum distance from Earth. As a result, it will appear a little smaller and less shiny than usual, although the difference is not noticeable to the naked eye.

This name, ‘wolf moon’ comes from the Native American tribes, and refers to the fact that at this time of the year, the natives heard these animals howl with more intensity and frequency outside their villages.

Before reaching its peak splendor on Tuesday the 18th, Earth’s satellite entered its new moon phase on January 2. From now on, each day will start and run approximately 40 minutes later than the previous days.

It should be remembered that full moon nights are probably the worst for observing deep space objects. Indeed, the light reflected by the satellite is sufficient to prevent the observation of darker objects, such as nebulae and galaxies.

supermoons in 2022

As for the super moons that 2022 will bring, there will be three successive ones: in June, July and August. This phenomenon occurs when the satellite is close to its perigee, which is the shortest distance from Earth.

This term supermoon is not an official definition, but has become popular in recent years. On these occasions, the satellite is 10% larger and brighter than usual, although the difference is not appreciable unless we are regular observers of the full moon, as reported


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