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Were the Capitol Police responsible for Officer Sicknick’s death?

Following the protests and riots on January 6, 2021, several mainstream media outlets published the fire extinguisher hoax claiming that Trump supporters beat up Sicknick to death. The Establishment used this not-so-carefully crafted narrative to present articles of impeachment against President Donald J. Trump, but that’s not all they did. In a vain attempt to cover up his misdeeds, Officer Sicknick was elevated to the rank of martyr, placed in the Capitol Rotunda for three days, and honored as their hero. What better place to hide a body than in plain sight and then transport it to Arlington National Cemetery.Cassandra fairbanks The Gateway Pundit was the first journalist to shed light on the lie supported by MSM and the Establishment by revealing that Officer Sicknick was killed not by a fire extinguisher, but by two blows as stated by the coroner, the latter of which took his life.

Our investigation has revealed two witnesses to the events that led to Officer Sicknick’s death. They report witnessing a complete lack of concern for Brian Sicknick’s health on the part of the Capitol Police, regardless of multiple requests for medical attention from first-hand witnesses.

In an exclusive appointment given to The Tayler Hansen sub-stack, Rod Taylor elaborated on his eyewitness account in which he physically assisted Officer Brian Sicknick.

On January 6, 2021, I was at the United States Capitol at around 8:30 a.m. Many notable things happened that day, but the one documented here concerns my interaction with Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick.

Around 3pm (not sure of the exact time as I loaned my phone to a friend) I was on the east terrace of the Capitol, about 10 or 12 feet from the portico where the main doors are located, which are 4 inches thick with bulletproof glass, it had been turned out and opened a short time before. I noticed a couple of normal citizens helping a police officer out and saying they needed help. I took a step forward to help. I faced Officer Sicknick face to face, with my hands on his shoulders, and realized that he was suffering from some kind of medical episode; I assumed it was a stroke as he seemed confused, disoriented and physically unstable but with no evidence of any injury.

With my left hand grasping the upper part of Officer Sicknick’s right arm, I led him (along with another man) through the thick crowd to a small group of 4 or 6 officers who were standing near a broken window at about 75 degrees. 100 feet north of the porch. As we got closer, I said I needed medical attention and repeated it while Officer Sicknick was taken from us.

Later, when meeting with my friends, I related what I had seen, including my assumption that I had had a stroke.

In the days that followed I heard news reports that Officer Sicknick had been hit with a fire extinguisher; this story was and still is patently false. When I found out that he had died, I was saddened, especially in light of the false history surrounding the situation. In the months that followed, it finally emerged that Officer Sicknick had, in fact, died of a stroke, possibly even two of them. I wonder if the officers we turned over Sicknick to actually complied with obtaining or providing him medical treatment in accordance with the FAST protocol, but I did not witness their actions after I turned him over.

These events are recorded here according to my best memories.

Rod taylor

Also, we have a second eyewitness. Christopher Alberts was also there and attempted to administer first aid to Brian Sicknick.

I, Christopher Alberts, swear that the information you are about to hear about what I witnessed the night of January 6 regarding Brian Sicknick is true and honest. Around 3rd and Constitution Ave, somewhere between 7:25 and 7:50 p.m., after I was handcuffed and walked to a parking lot, an officer sat me where I was greeted by several officers, all with body cameras.

Shortly after I sat down, I noticed an officer being escorted to the sidewalk along with three other officers, he looked very lethargic and dazed. One of the officers who was with me yelled, “Sicknick, are you okay, bro?” Having been an EMT, lifeguard, and combat lifeguard in the military, I knew instantly that something was wrong. He could barely support his head and all the officers did was offer him some water.

I looked at one of the officers and told him that I have medical training, at least let me take a look at it until I get help and they said no. I said espose me in the front if necessary, someone needs to see how he is, he does not look good, they told me that the doctor was on his way. Again I begged them that they would need their help now, it looks worse every minute. About 20 minutes passed as they were more focused on gathering protesters and even homeless people in the area, loading them onto buses like cattle.

When I passed by Officer Sicknick, I could see that his face was pale and his movements were slow, it was clear that something was seriously wrong. I told the officers who transferred me that they really needed to help him and not even putting a hand on him did I realize that he had all the signs of someone having a stroke. They told me to worry about myself and they have it under control.

I am so sorry for the loss of life, especially when it could have been prevented, no one in their right mind in a medical emergency should deny the help of someone who has better training than those on the scene.

These two first-hand accounts offered in the Discussion Island Podcast were confirmed by the exclusive statements provided to The Tayler Hansen sub-stackand they are significant. Part of the significance is that none of these individuals spoke the day or have spoken since. How many other witnesses are there who can speak to the negligent conduct of those charged with law and order?

After 7 hours of no medical treatment, Officer Brian Sicknick finally succumbed to his stroke and collapsed inside the Capitol at approximately 10:00 p.m. He died the following night after being placed on a ventilator, the family were unable to get to the hospital in time to see him alive.

For every minute a stroke is left untreated, up to 2 million brain cells die. The speed with which a stroke is treated is detrimental to the person’s survival and prevents permanent damage. If treated in a timely and proper manner, modern medicine has made great strides in decreasing the overall damage of strokes and increasing statistical survival.

Some questions to ask yourself after these findings:

Did the negligence of the Capitol Police kill one of their own?

Why was Officer Sicknick forced to suffer for 7 hours before collapsing at 10:00 pm?

USCP says the death of Brian Sicknicks is currently under investigation. This comes from the same agency that said it conducted a comprehensive investigation into Michael Leroy Byrd after he shot and killed an unarmed woman in the US Capitol. We learned this week that Michael Byrd was acquitted by an internal investigation without having never been questioned about his conduct, as seen in the most recent report from Real Clear Investigations.

I have contacted USCP multiple times for comment to no avail. When contacting MPD for comment, I was redirected to their email. My team and I contacted and did not receive an official response.

We are not going to wait for the government to release the 14,000 hours of security footage. I am asking the public to present their evidence. For more breaking news on January 6, you can Follow me on social networks and further support my team and me.

Any information or news tips can be sent to [email protected]

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