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What are the best kibble for urinary problems for cats in 2021? – Conso
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Urinary problems in cats can be especially painful. In some cases, they are even fatal. That is why it is important to do everything to prevent the appearance of stones. There are specialized croquettes to reduce urinary problems in cats!

Kidney problems, small stones that block the urethra, cystitis … Urinary problems in cats are more common than you might think. They can manifest as urine in the blood, a litter box that stays clean, a cat that does not eat anymore, a hard belly or a swollen bladder, or a listless cat. You need to pay close attention to your cat’s behavior to quickly notice any changes in their habits! Fortunately, there are several solutions to reduce the risk of developing urinary problems. This is the case of croquettes, the composition of which is specially studied to balance the pH of the urine and remove painful stones. After sterilization, did your cat start to gain weight? Be careful, he may develop urinary problems. To avoid this, make sure he drinks enough every day and buy him kibble to fight against cystitis in cats.


  1. The most complete
  2. The most appetizing
  3. The most digestible
  4. The most effective
  5. The good price-performance ratio

Purina Pro Plan cat food, a source of glucosamine

Rich in glucosamine and chondroitin, these kibble for cats promote the good functioning of the joints and the good health of the cartilage. They also contain mineral salts and their vitamin content strengthens the natural defenses and the immune system. These cat food also help reduce fluctuations in glucose in the blood system after each meal. Prepared with chicken, these are palatable croquettes, which diffuse tasty aromas. They are packaged in a 5 kg bag, with a hermetic closure system.

Ultima cat food, easy to digest

Made with poultry, vegetables, rice and whole grains, these kibble for cats contain no coloring, preservatives or added sugars. Their vitamin D content promotes oral hygiene and strengthens bones. As for their balanced mineral composition, with a carefully dosed sodium level, it helps to maintain an optimal urinary pH. These are easy to digest kibbles, enriched with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. They also contain zinc and biotin. This dry food can be suitable for cats of all ages.

Purina One cat food, for reinforced natural defenses

Very complete, these inexpensive kibbles for cats with urinary problems contain no preservatives, flavors or added colors. They are packaged in 8 sachets of 800 grams. Prepared with quality ingredients, these individual portions of mash are also enriched with vitamins and minerals, which support the functioning of the immune system. In addition, this dry food is very palatable for adult cats of all breeds.

Advance cat food, very complete

These premium croquettes are packaged in an 8 kg airtight bag, which has an easy opening and closing system. They have a moderate caloric content, which does not cause overweight in elderly or sterilized cats. In addition, these kibbles enriched with potassium and sodium promote urine dilution, thus protecting the walls of the bladder. They also contribute to the acidity of urinary pH, which limits the formation of struvites. These kibbles for cats with urinary disorders also help to regenerate the lining of the natural pathways.

Royal Canin Vet Diet Urinary croquettes, with a low calorie intake

Intended for cats of all ages and breeds, these kibbles promote good urinary health. They also strengthen bones and cartilage and act as a stress reliever in anxious animals. This dry food also contributes to the shine of the coat and to the hygiene of the skin. Very appetizing, they are made up of a mixture of several tastes which will restore its appetite to your cat. They are packaged in a completely airtight bag, with an airtight closure system, which preserves their nutrients and vitamins.

What food to give to a cat with urinary problems?

If your little cat suffers from urinary problems, you should give him the right diet to relieve him. Food plays a big role in the formation of stones, but also in their prevention. When you control the diet of your sick cat, you will be able to stabilize the pH of his urine, which will greatly contribute to his well-being.

If your cat suffers from kidney failure, you need to reduce the level of protein in her diet. You should also increase the water intake, by opting for wet food for example (Pate or semi-wet food). Good hydration also helps to limit the formation of urinary stones. As for the appearance of struvite stones, it can be reduced by eating foods that are low in phosphorus and magnesium.

What are the benefits of kibble for urinary problems for cats?

Dry food for cats suffering from urinary problems makes it possible to increase urine, in order to better protect the lining of the bladder. These specialized croquettes also help eliminate carbonate ions present in the urine. The other benefits of these dry cat food are the reduction of struvite stones and crystals. They help dissolve them and prevent the formation of new stones and crystals in the urinary tract.

Semi-moist kibble also helps cats stay hydrated, which is essential to promote proper functioning of their urinary system.

In addition, this type of cat food generally limits weight gain. As the overweight of animals promotes urinary problems, this is an advantage that should not be forgotten.

How do I know if my cat has urinary problems?

A cat that suffers from urinary problems may find it difficult to pee. You notice him because his litter box stays clean or because he spends a lot of time in a squatting position. Sick cats also show less vitality than before, they stay in their corner and their coat loses its shine. A cat that eats less can also suffer from kidney or urethral problems.

You may also notice blood in the urine, or stomach pain.

You should know that there are two types of urinary stones in cats. The first are formed when urine has an acidic pH: these are calcium oxalates. As for the second, they are made when the urine has a high pH: we speak of struvites and ammoniacomagnesium phosphates.

Which cats are at risk for urinary problems?

The cats that are most at risk for urinary tract problems are cats that live in apartments. Since they don’t go outdoors, they don’t get much exercise and are prone to being overweight, which promotes urethral obstructions. This is also the case for neutered or sterilized cats. These animals no longer need the same energy intake before, and therefore tend to gain weight quickly. Urinary problems can then appear.

Cats fed poor quality kibble can also quickly develop urinary problems. This type of food is usually high in minerals and does not acidify the urine sufficiently.

What treatment should be considered for a cat with urinary problems?

Depending on the type of problem your cat is suffering from, your vet may simply advise going on a diet diet or switching to a wet food. As stress can also play in urinary problems, do not hesitate to call on a behaviorist to reduce your pet’s anxiety (physical exercise, synthetic pheromones for example).

There are also medical treatments that relax the urethra of male cats and limit blockages caused by stones. Some medications also strengthen the wall of the bladder.

How to prevent urinary problems in cats?

To prevent your old tomcat from suffering from urinary problems, you need to make sure that he drinks enough water. He should always have fresh water available. Moreover, do not hesitate to opt for a water fountain because cats love to see water in motion. Also buy a container that does not retain odors. If you see that your cat is still not drinking, give her a daily ration of premium food, which contains at least 80% water.

You should also give your cat a balanced diet, well balanced in protein, fiber, calcium and magnesium.

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