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What to expect from the Yellowjackets final

Ah, where do we even begin? !

From cannibalism to sacrifices, from sittings to senatorial races – oh, and this jaw-dropping murder last week—yellow jackets kept us all on our toes…and turned our stomachs. Now that the star-studded Showtime series finale approaches on Sunday, January 16, we’re rushing to Reddit to discuss fan theories on what answers (if any!) we’ll get ahead of season two.

“There are about a million theories out there right now and it’s so fun to read everyone’s ideas,” Samantha Hanraty, who plays Misty, the band’s weird “doctor,” exclusively tells E! News. “I don’t even have all the answers, so I’m like, ‘Oh fuck, that makes sense!’ Like, there’s things that people say I’m like, ‘That could be…'”

And Hanratty isn’t the only star who’s been entertained by the swirling rumors about what exactly the Yellowjackets team has to be hiding.

“I know actors shouldn’t do this but I’ve scoured all Reddit and read it all,” Sophie Thatcher, who plays teenage Natalie, the “hunter” of survivors, said. “It’s so hard not to with this show, there are so many interesting theories.”

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