Who are the people at risk of deactivation of the health pass from January 15? – RT in French

Who are the people at risk of deactivation of the health pass from January 15? – RT in French

Between 500,000 and 800,000 people could see their health pass deactivated on January 15, for lack of a booster dose of the vaccine no later than seven months after the last injection. The only possible exception: having been contaminated in the meantime.

New burst of health pass deactivations this January 15. After that concerning those over 65 who have not received their booster dose in time since December 15, it is those aged 18 and over who are now affected by the measure, formalized by decree on January 14. This provides that “the health pass will no longer be active if the recall has not been made within seven months after infection or after the last injection”, as announced on November 25 by the Minister of Health Olivier Véran.

How many people concerned on January 15?

The figures vary according to the sources. In this case between the Ministry of Health and its representative Olivier Véran. The authority estimated on January 11 that 800,000 people had to “still carry out their recall to keep their health pass”. The next day on France Info, the minister instead put forward a range “between 500,000 and 700,000 [personnes] who, two days ago had not yet received their reminder”.

Why is the calculation complex?

The estimate varies because Health Insurance must take into account people who have caught Covid since their last injection, which exempts them from a booster dose. Some “have not yet put proof of their infection in their TousAntiCovid system”, underlined Olivier Véran. When they do, their health passes will be renewed, but in the meantime, this skews the figures from the health authorities, as well as the cases of people who have died since their last injection and those who have turned 18 in the meantime. So many factors that complicate the calculation of the people concerned by a possible deactivation of the pass.

Also, the QR code provided after the booster dose only becomes valid after one week. Thus, people who made their recall after January 8 when the pass expired on the 15th will have their certificate deactivated for a few days. Another bias to estimate the number of people who could lose their pass on January 15: those who tested negative less than 24 hours the same day can still benefit from a valid health pass, regardless of their vaccination status.

What are the exceptions?

Only possibility to obtain a pass avoiding the vaccine or the booster doses: to have a certificate of recovery from Covid-19. The persons concerned are then eligible for the booster dose between three and seven months after the date of infection. By the way, on February 15, the deadline for taking the booster dose will also drop from seven to four months after the last injection or infection.

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