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Who are the pioneers of artificial intelligence?
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Booming, artificial intelligence (AI) is getting a lot of attention. For some it is worrying and for others it opens the way to many positive applications. But who are the pioneers of AI?

Created by John McCarthy, the term ” artificial intelligence “(artificial intelligence or AI, in English) characterizes the development of computer programs capable of taking charge of tasks usually performed by humans because they require learning, memory organization and reasoning. The objective is to succeed in transmitting functions specific to living things to a machine: rationality, reasoning, memory and perception.

One of its creators, Marvin Lee Minsky, defines artificial intelligence as follows: ” the construction computer programs that engage in tasks that are, for the moment, performed more satisfactorily by human beings because they require high-level mental processes such as: perceptual learning, organization of memory and critical reasoning ”.

We evoke the artificial side because it is obtained by means of a robot or a machine. We use the term “ intelligence Because the objective is to get closer to human behavior.

John McCarthy, one of the fathers of artificial intelligence

John mccarthy was born September 4, 1927, in Boston, and died October 24, 2011. He is one of the two pioneers of artificial intelligence. He embodies the current emphasizing symbolic logic.

Marvin Lee Minsky, one of the pioneers of artificial intelligence

As for Marvin Lee Minsky, he was born just before, August 9, 1927 and died January 24, 2016. He is the co-founder, with John McCarthy of the Artificial Intelligence Group of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He works in the field of cognitive sciences and artificial intelligence.

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