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Why can’t the Eagles leave Andy Reid? The Chiefs head coach’s fingerprints are still all over Philadelphia

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All roads lead to Reid.

Andy Reid has been the Chiefs head coach since 2013, but long after his departure from the “City of Brotherly Love,” Reid’s fingerprints are still all over the Eagles. In some way, shape or form, Reid has been something of an invisible hand in hiring the team’s three head coaches since then, and its current starting quarterback.

Chip Kelly, Doug Pederson, and now Nick Sirianni all have a kind of strange six-degree separation from Reid – while it’s not a “coaches tree” per se, there is some kind of Reid connection between the last three head coaches and Reid. , leading to the question: Why can’t the Eagles just leave Reid?

Here’s the strange Reid connection that has been around since he left as head coach after the 2012 season.

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Chip kelly

Reid’s relationship? He followed Reid as the Eagles head coach in 2013

Record: 26-21

Staying on the theme of offensive innovation, Chip Kelly took over the Eagles in 2013 before being fired after the 2015 season, emerging from a field of nearly a dozen coaching candidates to carry the Eagles into the later era. to Reid.

Kelly, an incredibly popular head coach from Oregon, was hailed for his advanced, high-paced offenses out of college, losing just seven games as the Ducks’ head coach between 2009 and 2012. The NFL was changing more and more. towards a college style. game, and Kelly was apparently a good fit at the time.

While the Chiefs and Reid parted ways after 13 seasons together, the divorce was anything but bitter: In fact, Reid helped sift through the best coaching candidates for the vacant Eagles job in the process, including Kelly, who eventually got the job.

Kelly took the time to thank Reid at his introductory press conference.

“One person I want to thank, in terms of advice on this whole thing, is Andy Reid,” Kelly said at the time of his hire. “And the fact that Andy came up to me and told me about his experience here just told me what this organization is about. There is no classier guy.

“When Andy texted me (Wednesday) when I took the job, I told him I had very, very, very big shoes to fill. And in typical Andy style, he said, ‘Be yourself and you’ll be fine.’ So publicly I just want to thank Andy, because that really spoke to me about what this organization is. “

“I have a close enough relationship with Andy that I can probably eliminate some candidates if Andy feels they weren’t good enough in that regard,” owner Jeffrey Lurie said during the search for coaches. “That’s how close we are. I know how he feels about Chip Kelly and he’s extraordinary.”

While the Kelly era didn’t last long, nor was it particularly successful, the Eagles again relied on Reid’s touch with their next signing.

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Doug pederson

Reid’s relationship? Chiefs OC under Reid (2013-15); He trained with the Eagles from 2009-12; played for the Eagles in 1999 as Reid’s QB

Record as head coach: 42-37-1, won Super Bowl 52

A decade after taking plays for the Eagles, Pederson was hired as the Eagles’ offensive quality control coach in 2009, eventually working his way up to becoming an offensive coordinator, following Reid to the Chiefs in 2013.

In 2015, the Chiefs followed a 10-game streak to end the season after starting 1-5, thanks in large part to Reid handing over play-calling duties to Pederson. Pederson would interview and land the Eagles head coach job.

The Eagles hiring a Reid disciple wasn’t exactly a shock, as the team tried to rekindle some of the consistency and winning ways they had under Reid. It would also be quite successful. The Eagles would do something with Pederson that they hadn’t done with Reid: win a Super Bowl.

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Frank Reich

Reid’s relationship? He served under Pederson as OC from 2016 to 2017. Pederson served as OC to Reid from 2013 to 2015.

Record as head coach: N / A

Reich was the Eagles’ OC for their 2016 Super Bowl-winning season under Pederson and remained with the team until 2017, eventually landing the Colts head coach job after Patriots OC Josh McDaniels , will withdraw at the last second.

Reich’s coaching career began in Indy, making jumps to Arizona and San Diego before landing with the Eagles in 2016. The current Indy head coach brought a former San Diego coworker with him to the Colts: the current Eagles coach Nick Sirianni.

While Reich never worked directly with Reid, working with a Reid disciple is the best option.

fake images

Nick sirianni

Reid’s relationship? Fired by Reid in 2013; He trained with Frank Reich in San Diego; hired by Reich as OC in Indianapolis in 2018

Record as head coach: 2-3

… Which brings us back to the current Eagles head coach.

Sirianni served under Reich as the Colts ‘offensive coordinator between 2018 and 2020, eventually being hired as the Eagles’ head coach. Filling in Reid’s (and to varying degrees, Pederson’s) shoes as head coach isn’t the only link between the two.

Coincidentally, Sirianni had crossed paths with Reid before – he was fired by “Big Red” when Reid took the reins at Kansas City in 2013. Sirianni would later land with the Chargers in 2013, working alongside Reich. Sirianni has mentioned in the past that she only met Reid, coincidentally, when she was handed her walking papers.

“Coach Reid was tasked with telling me that I was no longer working there,” Sirianni said recently. “So, you know, but it was amazing. It was actually an amazing conversation that I had with him. And I really respected the fact that he took the time to meet with me, tell me what he had heard about me.”

And now it has come down to Reid’s previous job in Philadelphia.

(Fake images)

Wait … does Jalen hurt?

Reid’s relationship? Scouted by the Chiefs, Reid before the draft.

Oh, but it doesn’t end with the coaching ranks.

The current starting quarterback for the Eagles was selected by Philadelphia in 2020, but before being selected by the Philadelphia front office, top brass approached a third for an opinion on the Oklahoma passer. Who was?

You guessed it: Andy Reid.

According to ESPN’s Tim McManus, the Eagles sought Reid’s opinion on Hurts, and also for his thoughts on selecting a quarterback while having an established starter on the roster. That’s a situation Reid had faced several times in Philadelphia (recruiting Kevin Kolb, signing Michael Vick with Donovan McNabb) as well as in Kansas City (recruiting someone named Patrick Mahomes to sit behind Alex Smith).

McManus also reports that the Eagles have “long valued Reid’s opinion,” which is pretty obvious, if you’ve put up with it this far.

What a tangled web we weave.

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